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Mud Eggs
Mud Eggs is a story in Wow 66! All the stories are 66 words long.

Once upon a time there was a hen called Poppy who couldn't lay eggs. Whenever she heard the proud cluck-cluck-cluck of a hen who had just laid an egg, she felt sad, so she decided to make herself an egg out of mud and leaves.
"Call that an egg?" said the hens. "Eggs don't have bits sticking out of them!"
And they all laughed at her.
Poppy thought they were being mean. She threw away her egg and tried again. This time she broke up the leaves so that the egg was ever so smooth, and she made it a perfect egg shape.
"How about this one?" she said.
But the hens burst out laughing. "Eggs aren't mud coloured!" they cried.
"I'll show those hens!" Poppy said to herself. This time she made an egg that was the perfect shape and size; and she painted it a creamy white colour. Proud of herself, and trembling with excitement, she cried, "Look at this one!"
The hens gasped with astonishment. Then one of them said, "That doesn't count! It hasn't been laid!"
And they turned their backs on poor Poppy.
That night, Poppy sat on her perch thinking sad thoughts. In the morning she was just about to throw away her egg when she cried, "Just a minute! Why am I trying to copy their eggs? This is a Mud Egg, not a Hen's Egg. I could paint it yellow, or red, or blue. I could put patterns on it, or pictures. I could make big ones and little ones. And they'd all be different. Hen's eggs are BORING: they all look the same!"
Poppy began to make Mud Eggs. She made small ones and big ones. She painted them all in different colours. She got paint all over her feathers, but she didn't care!
"I'm an artist! That's what I am!" she cried. "I'm a Mud Egg Artist!"

Poppy has been making Mud Eggs ever since. At night she sleeps on top of the pile. At the last count she had six hundred and forty two eggs. Sometimes she gives one away, but only if she really likes someone.